You can find us at Zoom no. 6 9405 PS Assen.

At Cool Cat Classic Cars our passion is fine American Automobiles from the late 1950´s to the early 1970´s, but we can find and supply cars of any make, vintage or style. We have a serious weak spot for original and unmolested cars.


We put great effort in selecting the finest available cars for the money. We have a very reliable partner for that in the USA. They have over 40 years experience in American collector cars.


We are very picky about the cars ourselves and work hard to find the best possible deal for you on your dream car.


Our cars are NOT mass purchased at large collector car auctions. We take the time and expense to purchase fine cars from personal collections and private individuals.


We offer you the service to give us your search order. For a modest search fee we will find the specific car you are looking for. It can be purchased , prepared and even personalized as you wish. For further details see our "Upholstery" page.


You will be provided with a complete description and photo portfolio of your car, for your approval, before it is exported from the USA.